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A Wonderful Day in Modhutila Eco Park and Gazni Abokash Center

On 26th December 2019, a portion of “Click Valley Outsourcing.” team went to Modhutila Eco Park and Gazni Abokash Center. The mesmerizing and tremendous day it was which are depicting below:


Madhutila Eco Park and Gazni Abokash Center situated in the Jhinaigati sub-district, Sherpur district, Mymensingh Division, Bangladesh. It is about 135 kilometers from the Tangail District and 220 kilometers from Dhaka.

In Bangladesh, the month of December and January is considering winter season and the weather is much foggy. Basically, in the morning time, the temperature even quite lower than the entire day.

We’ve started our journey to Modhutlla Eco Park in morning 6:30am from Click Valley Outsourcing and Online Shopping courtyard.

There are several spots in Sherpur. But we went to see Modhutila Eco Park and Gazni Abokash Center, the places we’ve visited with unforgettable memories.

History of Sherpur:

Sherpur region became part of the kingdom of the Kamarupa in the historical time. Fakir-Sannyasi Revolts had been held against the East India Company and the neighborhood Zamindars from the time of Warren Hastings to Lord Cornwallis.

Tipu Shah, chief of the Fakir Movement, declared sovereignty in the region and mounted his capital at Gajripa. Peasant meetings were held in 1906, 1914 and 1917 at Kamarer Char of Sherpur below the management of Khos Muhammad Chowdhury.

The communists revolted in opposition to the systems of Nankar, Tonk, Bhawali, Mahajani, Ijaradari at some stage in 1838–48 in Sherpur.

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In 1897 a devastating earth quack changed the path of the Brahmaputra towards the west and forced to merge it with the Jamuna. It additionally brought on extreme damages to many antique buildings.

During the non-cooperation motion in 1970 declared with the aid of Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, a conflict committee becomes formed on this district. Sherpur played a critical role through education the freedom combatants led via the conflict committee.


Modhutila Eco Park:

Modhutila Eco Park located in the Porgaon Union in the Nalitabari sub-district of Sherpur. Although the forest is a little foggy, it has scenic beauty. As far as you can cross the high and low trails of the Garo Hills, the natural beauty is the ceremony.

Sherpur Madhutila Echo Park


After passing through the gate of the park, you will notice the rows of tall trees. Right across the street from the open area and a grocery store on both sides. The restaurant is a paved road on a hillside. At the entrance to the hill will be greeted two elephants made of raised stones of large shades of gray.

The further you go, the more the mind will be filled with the beauty of nature. On the way, there are all kinds of wildflowers in the gaps of the wild plants, in which there is the movement of the outer butterfly. The rows of dense trees have moved to deep forests in the high-low way. Here you can spend the afternoon time sitting in the shade of tall trees.

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There you should buy a ticket for Tk.5.00 per person to enter the eco-park. There is a chance to roam the lake paddle boat with separate fees. Get up at the watchtower and see the lofty mountains and Indian green hills on the border. If you are lucky, you can meet Bonohati’s (Wild Elephant) team from the watchtower. They usually come down from the deep forests in the late afternoon or evening.

Children’s Parks for Children’s Sport and Recreation have been developed with different rides. Here is the Mahua Rest House at the top of the hill for use by tourists during the day. To use it you will need to contact the Mymensingh or Sherpur Forest Department office.

Display Models, Information Centers, Car parking zones, Canteens, Mini zoos and several picnic spots are available there. Various colors of the herbs, including seasonal flowers and aromatic species perfectly accelerated the beauty of the park with full of diversity of biodiversity and fauna.


Gazni Abokash Center:

Gazni Abakash is situated in Jhenaigati Upazila is a popular vacationer and picnic spot. It may be very near to the Indian border. Lots of trees, beautiful lake and hill across the Gazni Abakash. When you are on the road to Ghazni from Sherpur, you will start seeing the spellbinding view of the hills and inexperienced woodland. The beauty of the show will impress you.

Gajni Abakash


Row Shale, Teak, Mahua, Gajari, Akashmani, Eucalyptus, Miljium are covered across the hills. At a glance, you will find the horizon like a fine art painting on a large canvas.

Thousands of nature-loving Women, Men, Children and Old People come from different places of Bangladesh every year to observe the natural beauty that touches the mind of the Ghazni Garo Hills of Sherpur District.

3 km in earlier to the Gazni picnic spot, there is a BGB checkpoint in which you need to do the registration which takes 2 minutes.

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There is a wonderful perspective on the Garo slopes high rise tower site see. Artificial lake for boating has been introduced, pedal boats. The zoo is designed for kids’ amusement, children’s park, elephant sculpture ‘Mithila’ the mermaid ‘virgin’.

The artificial waterfall has been created. Starting in the spring, the end of winter season resorts in Ghazni are predicted to be stuffed on the picnic. This is the focus of the stroll of the luxury travel hotels in Ghazni. The six-room rest house in the Gazni Abokash resort middle rental of 500 takas every room.

How You Will Go:

From Tangail to Modhutila:

First, you need to go to the Tangail new bus stand. From the bus stand, there is a lot of available bus to Sherpur. Then from Sherpur, the local bus services are available to go to Nani Bazar in Nalitbari Upazila. Rickshaws, CNG operated auto-rickshaws; motorcycle rentals are available from Nani Bazar. From Sherpur, rented microbus, auto-rickshaw or motorcycle can go to Modhutila Ecopark.

From Mohakhali bus Stand to Madhutila:

You’ll need to get a bus from Mohakhali, dhaka to Sherpur. There is a local bus service from the Sherpur bus stand to Nani Bazaar in Nalitbari Upazila. Rickshaws, CNG operated auto-rickshaws, motorcycle rentals are available from Nani Bazar. From Sherpur, rented microbus, auto-rickshaw or motorcycle can come to Modhutila Ecopark.


Below is some bus transport info for your reference:

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Hotels If You Need to Stay:

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Estimated Cost Per Head:

From Tangail:

Tangail to Sherpur 200 taka by bus. Then sherpur to Nani bazar 50 takas and Nani bazar to Mothutila by auto-rickshaw 50 taka per person. Modhutila to Ghazni abokash center 50 takas.

Total cost if you do not stay in Sherpur. From Tangail to Modhutila and back to Tangail: 200*2+50*2+10+50*2+50*2+10=720 taka per person without food.

If you stay in Sherpur may stay in hotel that will cost you extra Tk.500 per head, per night.

From Dhaka:

Dhaka to Sherpur 300 taka by bus. Then Sherpur to Nani bazar 50 takas and Nani bazar to Mothutila by auto-rickshaw 50 taka per person. Modhutila to Ghazni abokash center 50 takas.

Total cost if you can’t stay in Sherpur. From Dhaka to Modhutila and back to Dhaka 300*2+50*2+10+50*2+50*2+10=920 taka per person without food & accommodation.

We had finished our tour in a day because we took a microbus. In the afternoon we had started to return back to Tangail. It took 5-6 hours to visit the entire Modhutila eco-park and Gazni Abokash center.

Safety and Precautions:

This is for sure the attractions of the nature will bring you highs and lows of the hill. Make sure you bring your mountain boots or good quality shoes that have a high gripping ability. If possible, wear the comfortable dresses and bring portable drinking water bottle and mountain stick to support you while climbing up at to the top of the hills.

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