Limited SEO Audit Offer for Free!!!

Thank you for being conscious of your business to grow up!

It’s our pleasure to let you know that Click Valley Outsourcing is offering a limited offer to audit your website for completely free!!!

What makes us courageous in doing SEO Audit?

Since we are working for years by now on this SEO Audit field, we’ve experienced something which is very alarming that many of our buddies even don’t care about their site making SEO friendly and hence losing potential customers!

What is the point if you are opening a million-dollar shop and in the end the sales volume are as low as you need to struggle to survive to the market?

It’s just because, your business process is not caring for your potential customers to find you in an easy-access way and in return, they are no longer being interested to buy anything from you while other business owners are becoming convenient for them to meet their regular necessities.

The importance of doing SEO Audit for your website starts from these conceptual examples as illustrated above.

The limited offer for doing Free SEO Audit will be covering on the stated points mentioning below:

1) Alexa Ranking Status
2) Website Loading Speed Fixing
3) Permalink Optimization
4) Canonical Set-up
5) Colour Combination
6) Title Optimization
7) Meta Description
8) Favicon Creation & Customization
9) Social link Building
10) Contact Us link Check-up
11) Broken Link Finding & Fixing
12) Back-link Building
13) Mobile Responsiveness
14) Text/HTML Ratio

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