Social Media Marketing (SMM) Full Course Overview

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Social Media Marketing Full Course Overview
Duration:1 Month, 2-3 class/week
Course Fee: TK 3900.00

Class 1: Introduction of Social Media Platforms
Class 2: Facebook Marketing Part 1 (Creating Facebook account & Optimize, Lead Generation in Targeted Area for a new account)
Class 3: Facebook Marketing Part 2 (Facebook Business Page Creation and Optimize, Group Creation and Optimize, Analytics)
Class 4: Instagram Marketing Part 1 (Creating Business Account, tools, Schedule post, Stories, Wider Reach)
Class 5: Instagram Marketing Part 2 (Hashtags, Metrics Tracking, Sponsor Ads, Analytics)
Class 6: Twitter Marketing Part 1( Creating a new account, Follow high influencer, Communication topics, Hashtags, Post)
Class 7: Twitter Marketing Part 2( Twitter page, Mentions, Customer acquisition, Analytics)
Class 8: Linkedin Marketing Part 1 (Account Setup & Optimize, increase Connections)
Class 9: Linkedin Marketing Part 2 (Company Page Set up & Groups, Analytics)
Class 10: Pinterest Marketing (Account Setup & Optimize, increase Followers technics, Create SEO optimize Board, Pin, Analytics)

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Course Content

Total learning: 5 lessons Time: 77 minutes
  • Social Media Marketing >> Free Video Tutorial
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৳  4,000.00 ৳  3,500.00